Monday, May 9, 2011

The Dons

For the mask for Don Pedro, I began with images of Spanish conquistadors. I was inspired by the shape of their armor, especially the helmet. I used the basic shape of the helmet when sculpting the forehead of the mask. I also wanted the mask to reflect the overall mood of a conquistador's costume--brooding and confrontational. To achieve this, I decided to make the details of the mask less realistic and more exaggerated. I stylized the traditional shape of a brooding man. I focused on particular angles that one might view the mask. The mask is designed to be viewed from the side--not necessarily face-on.

I painted the mask for Don Pedro's henchman. I kept his mask in the same color scheme as Don Pedro's mask. They both have the subtle red accent on the inside of their eyes.

For Don Antonio's mask there wasn't a particular image that inspired me. I was inspired by the colors red and gold. I knew that I wanted to paint it red with gold accents. As I designed and sculpted it I thought about how I could accent the design with gold. I chose a symmetrical design for the mask to provide a blank canvas to paint on. I sculpted a coat of arms on the forehead to distinguish Don Antonio from the other characters because of his wealth and status. For Don Antonio's henchman, I painted his mask in the same color palette.

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  1. Hi- Just happen to find the mask makers blog....enjoyed. Noticed you have worked with WONDERFLEX....have you tried FOSSHAPE? Contact me if you want some samples to play around with.

    I work in conjunction with Dazian Fabrics for my heat activated materials WONDERFLEX and FOSSHAPE. I'm from the development and manufacturing side of these unique products, as originally engineered for industrial use. Several years ago I introduced them to the entertainment and theatrical marketplace to folks like Dazian, Disney, college theatres, milliners, prop makers etc. as I found these folks much more fun and pleasant than my prior industrial world.

    Thanks, Brian

    Brian Jeffrey
    The Jeffrey Nonwovens Group, LLC
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